Box Dynasty BV investors in Energy Transition.

BoxDynasty has a standing history in investing in energy transition technologies, start-up and scale-up's. With latest investments in Yeet! Power and previously Twelcon Power Systems.

Box Dynasty invests in companies with enterprise values of up to 50 million which have strong earnings growth or turnaround potential. It actively supports management in identifying and realising new opportunities to grow their business or improve its profitability. BoxDynasty typically is looking for substantial shareholdings that allow it to have impact on the companies in which it invest.

A key component in every investment is a hands on approach. As a key differentiator in the investment approach, BoxDynasty adds, from day one, a fully functional, up and running team of experienced marketing support, EV and transition business intelligence and data, IT development team with AI and machine learning engineers and energy technology engineers.